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IRAP Program Grant Funding

The Industrial Research Assistance Program (commonly referred to as IRAP) is a technological research and development grant offered by National Research Council Canada (also referred to as the NRC). This form of funding is offered to Canadian based small and medium sized businesses. The NRC IRAP grant could typically fund up to 50% of the total costs of IRAP eligible projects. The IRAP program is commonly viewed as one of the most generous government funded grants for small and medium size businesses in Canada.


The ProfitScience Process

ProfitScience can take the guesswork out of the NRC IRAP application process. Our IRAP consultants can help you claim your IRAP funding by:

Assessing your project to determine its eligibility

Supporting you in developing project budgets and provide guidance on IRAP activity tracking processes

Properly positioning your potential IRAP project while coaching you through the Technological Advisor process

Supporting and guiding you during the IRAP monthly claims process

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Our Montreal based IRAP consultants will guide you through the entire NRC IRAP grant claim process; from project inception to funding and through to project completion.