Multimedia Tax Credit


The Tax Credit for the Production of Multimedia Titles is intended, among other things, to foster development of the video game industry and certain distribution platforms.

What can you expect to receive?

If your company produces multimedia titles in Quebec, you may be able to claim this refundable credit worth up to 37.5% of eligible labour expenditures.

Are you eligible?

To claim the Multimedia Tax Credit, a corporation must be based in Quebec and be centered on creating qualifying multimedia titles, such as video games, educational software, or training simulators.

More specifically, the corporation’s multimedia productions must contain an appreciable quantity of three of the following four types of media:

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Images
  • Animation

Combining credits: the most advantageous choice

Along with the Multimedia Tax Credit, there are other programs that can help you develop your company: SR&ED, CDAE “E-Business” Tax Credit, Design Tax Credit.

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